Hacker attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital – cyber criminals got in through the VPN interface

SAST Blog: Hacker attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital – cyber criminals got in through the VPN interfaceIn September 2020, the attack made headlines:

  • Hackers responsible for IT disruption at Düsseldorf University Hospital.
  • Hackers under investigation: Woman dead after attack on University Hospital.
  • Hacker attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital: Investigation into involuntary homicide opened.

A hacker attack can be fatal. Data, goods and assets aren’t the only things to consider: Human lives are at stake where public spaces, in particular public health, is concerned.

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SAP home goes rogue – preventable attack vectors through the SAP GUI

SAST Blog: SAP Home Goes Rogue – Preventable Attack Vectors Through the SAP GUIIn most cases, enterprise networks are infected as a result of human error. Employees click on spoofed links, accidentally reveal their passwords to third parties, or open a file that contains unexpected malware. In attack vectors involving the SAP GUI, employees are often not to blame, because an incorrectly configured SAP system is enough to enable damage to the IT landscape.

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Rent an admin: with our SAST Managed Services we can guarantee the security of your SAP systems in these times of crisis

SAST blog: Managed service in times of crisis - Remotely or On CallThe current situation is forcing companies around the world to find and implement alternative solutions to maintain operations of their SAP systems and business processes. The SAST team is your reliable partner, especially in times of crisis. This is because providing remote support for our SAP customers what we do every day. Our SAST Managed Service puts us in the best possible and reliable position to help you in times of crisis!

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SAP security through virus protection: practical significance for the operation of SAP systems

SAST Blog: SAP Security Through Virus Protection: Practical Significance for the Operation of SAP SystemsIt is well known that SAP systems present an attractive target for hackers and manipulators. After all, SAP systems gather all the sensitive company data in one place, making it all the more important to protect them against unauthorized access. In addition to conventional measures for improving SAP security and compliance, this includes extensive anti-virus protection adapted specifically to the requirements of SAP systems.

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The most important elements of a Cybersecurity Strategy

SAST BLOG: The Most Important Elements of a Cybersecurity StrategyToday, cyberattacks on companies can easily cause damage in eight or even nine figures. Such attacks often take the form of spam e-mail, written with perfect spelling and grammar, that appears to have been sent by a colleague or a friend. The recipient is usually instructed to click a link or enter a password. And then it’s already too late: The malware spreads throughout the company. With the right cybersecurity strategy, on the other hand, you are well prepared.

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