Hacker attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital – cyber criminals got in through the VPN interface

SAST Blog: Hacker attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital – cyber criminals got in through the VPN interfaceIn September 2020, the attack made headlines:

  • Hackers responsible for IT disruption at Düsseldorf University Hospital.
  • Hackers under investigation: Woman dead after attack on University Hospital.
  • Hacker attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital: Investigation into involuntary homicide opened.

A hacker attack can be fatal. Data, goods and assets aren’t the only things to consider: Human lives are at stake where public spaces, in particular public health, is concerned.

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The most important elements of a Cybersecurity Strategy

SAST BLOG: The Most Important Elements of a Cybersecurity StrategyToday, cyberattacks on companies can easily cause damage in eight or even nine figures. Such attacks often take the form of spam e-mail, written with perfect spelling and grammar, that appears to have been sent by a colleague or a friend. The recipient is usually instructed to click a link or enter a password. And then it’s already too late: The malware spreads throughout the company. With the right cybersecurity strategy, on the other hand, you are well prepared.

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SAP Security: five ways to make sure you’ll be hacked

Hacker attacks threaten SAP security: All alarmist nonsense?(A guide of the less serious sort.)
Let’s be honest right off the bat: There’s a lot of hype in the media about IT security in general and SAP security in special these days. But is there really anything behind it? Those headlines about millions of data records going missing always affect someone else – whether it’s Equifax across the pond or the big tech companies that have been infiltrated by organized groups of Chinese hackers. It’s all alarmist nonsense!

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SAP Security and Hosting: Hacking 40 SAP Systems in One Fell Swoop

SAP Security and HostingIn spite of the hype surrounding the cloud, the on-premise model in which customers run their own SAP software is still the norm. However, that doesn’t rule out a service provider handling part of the operations; indeed, hosting is a widely used model, particularly among SMEs. While the roles at hand are usually clearly assigned in a hosting model like this, the same unfortunately doesn’t always apply to SAP system security.

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10KBlaze and SAP Security II: Hype & Scaremongering

10KBlaze & SAP Security: Serpenteq(Partner blog post of SERPENTEQ GmbH)
On April 19, 2019, at the OPCDE Cyber Security conference in Dubai, security researchers Dmitry Chastuhin and Mathieu Geli gave a presentation called “SAP gateway to Heaven”. They re-visited two configuration issues (related to SAP Gateway and SAP Message Server) that have been known for many years and for which detailed security guidelines have been available for years. Now the researchers applied some admirably creative thinking to combine them.

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