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How to define the right defaults for a framework authorization structure of your SAP HANA database

SAST BLOG: Framework authorization structure for the SAP HANA database – defining the right defaults SAP HANA is based on an in-memory technology concept for data storage. This makes it possible to analyze large, non-aggregated datasets flexibly with extremely short processing times. Since data processing in SAP HANA differs significantly from that in SAP NetWeaver, it has its own user management and authorization system. But which default settings are needed for the SAP HANA authorizations?

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Configuring and Assigning SAP Authorizations in SAP Fiori Apps

SAST Blog: Configuring and Assigning SAP Authorizations in SAP Fiori AppsFor a number of years now, SAP has been pursuing a new strategy for how SAP users interact with its software. Complex SAP applications are being subdivided into role-based SAP Fiori apps, with the aim improving user friendliness while also enhancing the user experience. A rising number of companies are considering implementation of SAP Fiori apps and are now faced with determining which authorizations must be allocated to their employees for access to the app.

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SAP Security Through Virus Protection: Practical Significance for the Operation of SAP Systems

SAST Blog: SAP Security Through Virus Protection: Practical Significance for the Operation of SAP SystemsIt is well known that SAP systems present an attractive target for hackers and manipulators. After all, SAP systems gather all the sensitive company data in one place, making it all the more important to protect them against unauthorized access. In addition to conventional measures for improving SAP security and compliance, this includes extensive anti-virus protection adapted specifically to the requirements of SAP systems.

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SAP authorization management put to the test at Berliner Wasserbetriebe

SAP Authorization Management put to the test (©Berliner Wasserbetriebe)Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Berlin’s water supply and wastewater disposal company, is a public institution and is therefore subject to special legal requirements. High security standards apply to both business processes and its IT operations. As a consequence, setting up transparent SAP authorization management company-wide to meet all of these requirements was one of the water company’s most critical tasks.

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